"One More Angry Boy" in Latest Magazine

I felt inspired to make this as I was driving home from therapy a few weeks ago. Spencer, Michael, and I put it together just a couple days later. It was prompted by my difficulty getting beyond anger in therapy and experiencing the more complex emotions beneath.

Growing up as guy, anger and irritation felt like the only “safe” negative emotions to me. Sharing other ones, the real emotions—hurt, shame, rage, regret, insecurity, loneliness—meant opening myself up to potential attack. I was afraid I’d be called soft, gay, girly. Or maybe just be told to suck it up, that I didn’t have it that bad. And let me tell you, twelve-year-old-Davy wasn’t too concerned about fighting toxic masculinity (which didn’t exist yet anyways); he just wanted to survive middle school.

One More Angry Boy” is a series of photographs I wrote about my experience repressing those emotions, downsampling them into anger, or simply holding them in. It’s meant to have a redemptive arc, with the final image returning to earnestness and innocence.

Huge thanks to my go-to collaborators, actor Michael Vlamis for modeling and Spencer Waldner for styling. Also thanks to Latest Magazine for publishing the images.