Emilia with The Lions LA

When people talk about the importance of a great team, it's not just empty flattery or a feel-good backslap. It matters. These photos are amazing, in my opinion, because I had a phenomenal team.

I was responsible for the original concept: a vintage-inspired fashion editorial integrating wallpaper in some way (because wallpaper is awesome but strangely rare) plus patterns. Besides the concept, I did the retouching and then shot and lit everything of course.

Beyond that, the images below are fully the product of my team. I had little role in selecting the outfits. That was all my stylist, Taylor. In fact, she made much edgier selections than I ever would have (three different patterns on the second look?? I didn't have the guts for that). It totally paid off. I loved all the patterns. Chloe, for her part, was completely responsible for the hair and makeup. I had no direction beyond the word, 'elegant.' And she nailed it!

Emilia's posing was all her—models of her caliber need only a little direction. She gave me a huge variety of looks that were so helpful in post-production. She made everyone else look good.

Finally, Julie was brought on last-second originally to just assist, but she ended up providing the rug, furniture, flowers, and flower pots. She did the entire set design besides the actual wallpaper. She even cut and arranged all the flowers! She brought the shoot from a B+ to and A+. 

Your team truly matters. Thanks, all.